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    How Do I Add Images to My Mood Boards?

    Import, append, add and open image files in Mood Board.

    How Do I Remove Images From My Mood Boards?

    Delete, cut, extract and kill assets on your Mood Board documents.

    How Do I Move Images on My Mood Boards?

    Translate, transform and change the position of assets in your Mood Board documents.

    How Do I Scale Images on My Mood Boards?

    Stretch, zoom and distort assets on your Mood Board documents.

    How Do I Rotate Images on My Mood Boards?

    Spin, turn, flip and rotate images on your Mood Board documents.

    Can I Add Masking to My Images in Mood Board?

    Clip, crop and add masks to images on your Mood Board documents.

    How Can I Export Mood Boards To Share with My Design Team?

    Save, share and export your Mood Boards to TIFF, JPG and other formats.

    Does Mood Board Support Panning and Zooming?

    Take control of the placement of your Mood Board assets.

    Can I Disable or Enable Grid Snapping in Mood Board?

    Make lining things up in your Mood Board easier.

    How Do I Control the Background in Mood Board

    Change the color and tone of your Mood Board backgrounds.

    What is Board Info and How Do I Use It?

    Show additional information about your Mood Board document.

    Can I Group a Selection of Items in My Mood Board?

    Join, group and make selection of images in your Mood Board documents a little easier.

    Does Mood Board Support Metadata? How can I Modify It?

    Edit the notes and titles of assets on Mood Boards under your control.

    Can I display Text on my Mood Board?

    Hide and show the notes on your assets in Mood Board.

    Can I search my Mood Board?

    Filter the assets on your Mood Board documents to find what you’re looking for quickly.