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  • Grouping a Selection of Items on a Mood Board

    Mood Board supports the grouping of arbitrary assets much the same as you’d expect from a page layout application. Select a number of assets and use Edit: Group (Command+G) to group them together into a single selection set. You will notice that selection marquee display in different colors; this is dependent upon the content that would be selected as follows:

    • Default System Highlight Color (e.g. Orange)
      Items that are not part of a group will display using the default system color (specified in System Preferences: General: Highlight Color)
    • Inverted System Highlight Color (e.g. Blue)
      Items that have been grouped will display in the inverse color of the one specified in your system preferences.
    • Averaged System Highlight Color (e.g. Olive)
      If a selection contains a mix of grouped and un-grouped items, a color that matches the averaged hue between the previous two options will be displayed.

    To ungroup previously grouped items use Edit: Ungroup (Command+Shift+U) Items that have been grouped will recall their selection together, and translate as a single unit.