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  • Controlling the Background Appearance in a Mood Board

    Mood Board includes several customization options for the background appearance of a mood board document. Backgrounds are formed by using a single sample color and then processing it into a radial gradient using a slightly brighter variation of the sample color, and a much darker variation as the endpoints of the gradient curve.

    • View: Average Board Color (Command+T)
      The simplest option is to take an average of all selected assets on your mood board and produce an average color for the background. If no assets are selected the default background color is used.
    • View: Unique Board Color (Command+Option+Shift+T)
      When generating the average color of an asset in the board a collection of colors are sampled. From this list, sorted by frequency, a unique color is produced. Selecting a single asset or a collection of images on your mood board and invoking this option will set the background of the document to that color.
    • View: Default Board Color (Command+Shift+T)
      Mood Board includes a default color that works in most cases to feature skin-tones as well as black and white artwork.
    • View: Invert Board Color (Command+Option+T)
      With any color specification set on the background of your Mood Board document, invoking this option will invert the color sample. This is a great option if you want your assets to really stand out against the background.
    • View: Set Board Color… (Command+Option+C)
      You may optionally select any arbitrary color for the Mood Board background.