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  • Editing the Metadata of an Asset on a Mood Board

    By opening the Metadata popover panel with an asset selected you are able to modify the following information:

    • Title
      The title of an asset is automatically pulled from the url (if dragged from a web browser) or the filename if imported from the Finder.
    • Notes
      Notes about an asset can be included if sourcing information is important, or the status or client preference of an item is pertinent to the continued work on a mood board.
    • Scale
      Drag the slider to control the scale of the asset in the Mood Board document space. Assets can be sized up to 200% of their original dimensions.
    • Rotation
      Drag the slider to control the rotation of the asset in the assets local space.
    • Flipping
      Easily flip the asset to provide symmetry or correct photographs taken in reflections.
    • Masking
      Mask an asset to provide a better fit in your Mood Board collage.