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    Written by Thomas Ingham

    When the weather gets nice most people don’t spend as much time in front of their computers. I think this is fantastic and no matter how much I love working with a keyboard in front of me I still need to get out every once in a while and ride my bike. An unexpected consequence of this is that sales on the various App Stores can take a bit of a beating. While I was out riding my bike this weekend I realized that there’s no Help system for Mood Board. This is wrong, terribly wrong and I resolved to remedy it first thing this morning.

    How do I get Help making fantastic looking Moodboards?

    I’ve taken the time to start writing a complete help suite here on urbanfort.com. Bear in mind that this document covers the most obvious features that users will need to understand in order to make effective use of the product. It’s not intended to be a shock-and-awe totally-complete right-now kind of reference but it will get there as I add more features and functionality to the Mood Board application itself.

    I’m also planning a major features update for Gridus and when that’s complete and ready to go live in the store I’ll be adding a help section for that as well.

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