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    Since the 14th century we’ve known that the best way to represent real-looking panoramas and scenes in our illustrations has been to establish a perspective grid and render on top of that the vision we have for our marvelous universe.

    Gridus helps artists be more productive by allowing them to create dedicated perspective grids for use in their illustrations without locking them into a single drawing application.

    We created Gridus out of a frustration with applications like Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro that, while providing some amount of control over perspective, were more focused on creating platform lock-in with ever increasing licensing costs. We wanted to be able to be flexible with the drawing tools we were using but still have access to great perspective grids.

    Create one, two or three point perspective grids very quickly using Gridus infinite canvas and then send your final grid to a printer or save it as a TIFF file for using your favorite drawing application.

    Import a photograph and trace your termination lines along the important edges in the image to recreate the perspective for your next drawing.

    Making perspective grids is a standard part of illustration. Using Gridus you can import photographs and recreate perspective or start fresh with a completely custom perspective grid. Export your grids as standard TIFF files (or just copy to the clipboard) and drop into your favorite drawing program. You can even print out your grids for drawing the old fashion way.

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