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    Written by Thomas Ingham

    More than one of my users has asked me in the last two months to please, please, please (and please) add Panning and Zooming to Mood Board. I’d kept putting it off because of a few reasons; chief among those is that I didn’t really like how NSScrollView (used-to) perform. Having views inside of views inside of views has historically been a performance sore spot and because I haven’t really had anyone to call on to help suss out those issues, I put it in a box. That changes today!

    I’ve now added the ability to pan over an infinite canvas. Mood Board doesn’t require that you set artificial document bounds and will allow you to place assets wherever you want at whatever size you want. This is of course limited by system and graphics card memory but I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to do what you need to do with relative ease in terms of placement.

    After implementing the ability to pan the document it became immediately obvious that we needed to be able to Zoom as well. Mood Board now has full, animated zooming and panning! Several options have been added to make zooming fast and simple. Select an item and use Command+Option+Zero to focus the zoom on just that item (great for illustrators using source references.) Command+Zero to view at 100%.

    I’d be interested to hear from you all about an idea that came up but immediately got tabled:


    Because boards can get (really really) big it might make sense for you to be able to store a zoom magnification and location in the canvas and then name that location (or at least have menu-access to it e.g. “Bookmark 1”) This has the potential to become a sink-hole development-wise if I don’t have a specific user story for it and right now it’s entirely imaginary and I’m not sure that I’d use it myself. Do the needful if you think this feature should be implemented; and we’ll talk.

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