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    Written by Thomas Ingham

    Quite often you get feature requests and you think, “Yeah that would be nice but when in the world would I have time to write it?” What I’m experiencing is that I need to subscribe more to the idea that as soon as a good idea comes up, I should at least write a little code. Sometimes it ends up being a lot easier, less time consuming, and freaking amazingly valuable than you thought, as is the case with the latest sneaky-peek feature.


    Mood Board now has Groups! Woohoo! Much rejoice, so ship. Using groups in Mood Board makes so much sense that honestly I feel kind of dumb about not having it before now. Simply select a few assets on your board and hit Command+G to group them into a single persistent selection. If you need to ungroup you can use Command+Shift+U (I’d love to hear from folks about better pneumonics here.)

    Grouping assets will be available in version 1.2 of Mood Board that should be available this week.

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    Check out some more information about Mood Board right here!