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    Written by Thomas Ingham

    Here’s the story: You’re working on a new monster concept for a client and you need to pull up a very specific set of references. You dilligently save your old work, scans of sketches and images from web searches so you’re not lacking in source material. The problem is “how do you organize it?” If you’re like me you probably have a gigantic Lightroom or Aperture (or iPhoto) library that includes all of these resources in addition to all your family photos and videos. This is not good, not good at all.

    Mood Board allows you to create a single document, whether that is focused on a particular project, or theme is entirely up to you. These files encapsulate all of the media you add to the board so you don’t have to worry about finding source files ever again. You can scale and position your images inside the board however you want with some handy auto-arrangement tools so that you can visually tell the story of where you want the concept to go.

    When you’re ready to ship your final concept artwork you can export the entire Mood Board document as a flat image so that anyone can view it. This helps to legitimize the work you’ve done, demonstrate your due dilligence in exploring the concept theme and improve the final quality of your deliverable by bolstering the amount of content you deliver. Everybody wins!

    Are you a concept artist working on the Mac? Buy a copy of Mood Board now and start working smarter!

    Check out some more information about Mood Board right here!