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  • Mood Board 1.3.3 Release

    Written by Thomas Ingham

    It’s been a very long road but we’ve finally released the giant bug fix version of Mood Board version 1.3.3. This will be the last release in the 1.3 line and it contains a lot of great stuff.

    The full feature addition list for Mood Board 1.3.3:

    Version 1.3.3

    • Scaling is now flawless.
    • Rotation is awesome.
    • BORDERS!
    • Fixed crash at launch / file open where sometimes a “semi-white” color would be perceived as a Pure White, devoid of colorspace. (thanks mingham)
    • Fixed setting a custom background color. (Thanks a ton FayBali!)
    • Added the ability to create various background light globes. View->Edit Background (CMD+B) and then View->Add Color (CMD+L) / Change Color (CMD+SHIFT+L)
    • Added a simple grid for assistance in lining things up, creating consistent margins. View->Show Gridlines (CMD+”)
    • Fixed rotation of assets to no longer be constrained by their bounding box.
    • Fixed borders so that they appear again.
    • Added border color option.
    • Borders now rotate with their appropriate content.
    • Borders now represent the same type of mask you’ve applied to an asset.
    • Borders can now be colored however you like.
    • Text no longer attempts to animate into position when moving assets. (Reduces jitter, improves performance.)
    • Filters and masks are no longer applied early in the edit cycle resulting in a big performance boost while moving things around.

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